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Edwards Lifesciences Corporation Overview

Edwards Lifesciences overview

Edwards Lifesciences Corporation Overview 

Edwards Lifesciences Corporation is a North American medical technology firm. Its headquarters is based in the heart of Irvine, California. It’s a global leader in patient-centric medical innovation and technology for structural heart disease and critical care. The company in its entirety deals and specializes in hemodynamic monitoring as well as artificial heart valves. One of the cutting-edge innovations of the company is its development of the SAPIEN transcatheter aortic heart valve which was made using cow tissue within a ballon-expandible and cobalt chromium frame which was deployed through a catheter upon its completion. In its Irvine headquarters, Edwards Lifesciences Corporation has a manufacturing facility, however, aside from that, the company also has several facilities in other parts of the world like Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Singapore, Utah, Draper, and the Dominican Republic. In the year 2021, another new facility building was launched in Limerick, Ireland. In this piece, however, you would be shown a comprehensive and extensive review of the company’s dealings and their aspects. As such, all relevant information detailing its historical background, its key facts, its overall products ad service offerings, its financial overview, as well as its pros and cons would be concisely covered to enable you to understand the significant key major elements of the company as quickly as possible.   


Edwards Lifesciences Corporation Key Facts

Founding Year: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation was founded in the year 1958, approximately 64 years in existence. 

Industrial Ranking:  Edwards Lifesciences Corporation is proud to be ranked in the 582nd position on the Fortune 500 list, indicating the company’s efficiency and astounding status in the area of revenue generation and overall operations. It is also listed on the S&P 500 List of Companies and its stock market index. 

Company Type: A Public Corporation (PLC)    

Market Reach & Diversification: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation has its locations and manufacturing facilities scattered in different major countries of the world and operates worldwide. Additionally, the company operates in two major segments which are Critical care technology as well as Cardiac surgery technology. 

Industry Type: Medical Technology 

Trading type:  Edwards Lifesciences Corporation trades publicly on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) market, under the ticker symbol, EW. Additionally, the company’s stock is traded as S&P 500 component. 

Workforce Strength: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation has over 8, 500 employees in its workforce globally.    

Edwards Lifesciences Corporation Historical Snapshot 

As a result of Edwards Lifesciences Corporation’s relatively long year of existence, the company in its entirety has a long shot of historical history as with other companies with long years of existence. Nonetheless, this section will try to give a snapshot and brief history of what the company has been through since the year it was founded.    

The history of the Edwards Lifesciences Corporation originally began in the year 1958, when the company was founded and established by engineer Miles “Lowell” Edwards in a bid to build the first-ever artificial heart. Being a veteran and retiree with a long-shot engineering history having a total number of 63 patents in a variety of industries and a vision of helping patients who are struck with heart disease, Edwards had been prompted without restraints to build the Edwards Lifesciences Corporation. However, Edwards’ fascination with helping others was sparked in his early years when he suffered two bouts of rheumatic fever which is capable of scarring the heart valves and eventually causing the heart to stop or fail.    

Having a background in fuel pump and hydraulic operations, Edwards had the belief that the human heart could be artificially mechanized. Hence, as a result of this philosophy, Edwards presented his developed concept to a young surgeon at the University of Oregon Medical School, Dr. Albert Starr, who at first thought the idea was relatively complex. He however encouraged him to focus first on the project for which there was an immediate need – and that’s developing an artificial heart valve. 

In the year 1960, following Starr’s advice and encouragement, the duo – Edwards, and Starr built and designed the first Starr-Edwards mitral valve. The valve was developed, tested, and successfully inserted in a patient. The news of the innovation was reported in tabloids and newspapers, and the entire world was taken aback by what they unanimously tagged as “a miraculous heart surgery.” 

The confluence of this cutting-edge innovation birthed a company that operates under the name, Edwards Laboratories. The company was set up in Santa Ana, California – relatively close to where Edwards Lifesciences Corporation’s apex towers is mounted today. 

In the year 1966, Edwards Laboratories was bought by an American company operating under the name, American Hospital Supply Corporation, and then it was rebranded to become American Edwards Laboratories. 

In the year 1985, American Edwards was bought by Baxer International Inc. in the early years of 2000, the firm was ripped-off as an independent publicly owned corporation, and it began trading on the New York Stock Exchange market under the ticker symbol, ‘EW.’ 

As years whirls by, the amount of patients in need of cardiovascular disease, as well as critical illnesses treatment, increases exponentially, and by extension, further dramatic growth is expected in the future. However, in spite of this drastic trend, the Edwards Lifesciences Corporation’s innovative spirit remains central to Edwards today. This increasing trend is however sprung by several factors such as the high incidence of rheumatism in developing countries, an ageing population, as well as improved and highly sensitive diagnostic techniques that enable physicians to detect problems and issues sooner. 

From its inception up to now, Edwards Lifesciences Corporation continues to be a leader in the field of tissue replacement heart valves as well as advanced hemodynamic monitoring and repair products, which have been used to manage and treat over 2 million patients across the world. 

Having over 50 years of consolidated industry experience, Edwards Lifesciences Corporation has dramatically grown from a small laboratory space in Santa, California, to a leading industrial colossus. With its presence in approximately 100 countries, and with over 8, 500 employees across the world, Edwards Lifesciences Corporation leverages this vastness in size to help patients and their respective families, including clinicians to unite and work together as a unified community, rising against critical illnesses, including, cardiovascular disease.       

Edwards Lifesciences Corporation Product and Service Offerings 

This section will outline the entire products and services offered by Edwards Lifesciences Corporation in a concise manner. 


Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) 

Transcatheter Mitral Valve Repair 

Surgical Valve Replacement (Advance tissue) 

Blood Conservation (Blood management, Closed Blood Sampling) 

Enhanced Surgical Recovery (Fluid Management) 

Clot Management 

Hypotension Management 

Infection Control (Blood Management, Closed Blood Sampling) 

Sepsis and Shock Management (Sepsis Management, Shock management) 

Brain Health (Cerebral Desaturation mitigation) 

Specialty Teams 

Anaesthesia (Enhanced surgical recovery, Hypotension Management, All Hemodynamic Monitoring) 

Critical Care Team (ICU Management, OR Solutions, Managing Critically ill, Critical care newsletter, closed blood sampling, sepsis management, shock management, all hemodynamic monitoring). 

Surgical Team (Enhanced surgical recovery, hypotension management) 

TAVR Heart Team  

Hospital Administration (closed blood sampling). 

Products & Devices 

Transcatheter Heart Valves ( Transcatheter aortic, transcatheter pulmonic) 

Transcatheter Valve Repair ( Transcatheter mitral) 

Surgical Valve Repair ( Mitral valve repair, tricuspid valve repair) 

Surgical Valve Replacement  (Aortic valve replacement, mitral valve replacement) 

Bovine Pericardial Patches (Vascular, Cardiac) 

Hemodynamic Monitoring (Decision support software, noninvasive, minimally-invasive, pediatric monitoring, tissue oximetry, pulmonary artery catheters, volumetrics, all hemodynamic monitoring). 

Decision Support Software (Acumen Hypotension Prediction Index software, Acumen Assisted Fluid Management software, Acumen Analytics software). 

Pressure Monitoring (Pressure transducers, closed blood sampling, TruClip holder). 

Vascular Catheters ( Clot management, Occlusion, General surgery, All vascular). 

Accessories & Instruments (Edwards ThruPort Systems, Cardiac cannula, Atraumatic occlusion, Carotid shunts). 

Corporation Key Financials. 

Below is the overview of the c’s Key Financials as enumerated by Fortune 500

Revenue: 5. 232.5 Billion USD (Fortune 2022) 

Net Income (Profit): 1.503.1 Billion USD  (Fortune 2022) 

Total Assets:  73. 141.4 Billion USD (Fortune 2022) 

Total Equity: 5. 835.9 Billion USD (Fortune 2021) 

Pros and Cons of working for Edwards Lifesciences

According to employees’ reviews on Glassdoor, and a critical review of the company below are the outlined pros and cons of Edwards Lifesciences Corporation. 


Good Benefits 

Great People to Work with 

Access to Leadership Development

Avenue for Career Growth 

Fairly Favoritism 


Technical Dedicated Team of Experts 


No Work/Life Balance 

Poor Management in some Departments 

Relatively Low Payment 


All being said, in this article, we have judiciously explored all the basic parts of Edwards Lifesciences Corporation, beginning with a snapshot of its background history, exploring its service offerings and products, to analyzing its pros and cons. Hence, I am confident this piece has given you a comprehensive overview of the Fortune 500 company, Edwards Lifesciences Corporation. And thus, this would aid you in deciding whether or not to opt for the company whilst making your decisions. After operating for several years with proven records and astounding achievements both regionally and globally, and with assuring commitment to serve without jeopardizing their quality in the next several years to come, Edwards Lifesciences Corporation has in no doubt proven to be a behemoth and colossus in the medical technology industry.

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